Why is Crush My Quota Sales Training Different?

How will Crush My Quota Sales training help you Explode your Wins?

My name is Rich Grehalva I’m the CEO of 3 companies, a best-selling author, a sales and marketing strategist and the founder of the P2P People to People Selling™ system.


Like you, I’m accountable for sales growth and no matter how much time I focused on trying to motivate the sales team to sell more, it wasn’t working.


The breakthrough for skyrocketing our sales came when I discovered It’s not “Why People Buy” it’s “How People Decide to Change” and this grew into a predictable and repeatable sales system called P2P People to People Selling™. 


Now, you can get the same results by following how we did it. Learning this powerful approach will change the way you sell and supercharge your personal and professional effectiveness.


The most powerful software for selling cannot be bought. It is already available to you and it is your Selling Mindset. This is the single most important thing you need to succeed. 


In the Mindset module, you’ll leave with the Crush My Quota System and Planner™  It’s the only system to leverage a success mindset, goal attainment and a daily sales planner taking everything you’ll learn to last for a lifetime of personal and professional success.


Words matter! The wrong words can destroy a relationship or lose a sale and the right words can strengthen a relationship and win a sale. Understanding what they are will set you apart from your competition.


In the Motivation module, you’ll master the R5 Peak Performance Communication Method. Imagine learning to enter a conversation your clients are having in their minds, helping them get the results they want, by using the words that motivate them into action.


Today, when you have a problem what do you do? You Google it. Yet, the experts are teaching you pre-internet methods that don’t work anymore. It’s time to rethink the sales funnel transforming it into a client acquisition model. 


The Marketing module takes you through a focused process called the Value Continuity Circle™  the marketing funnel used by your prospective clients. Understanding the steps gives you the edge to your website design and the type of content your clients will be motivated to take action.


Combining the Dream 100 Strategy from Chet Holmes and the 6 catalyst mind triggers you will learn how to target the best prospective clients to generate the maximum income using a client acquisition marketing strategy.


The way to guarantee NOT making quota is sounding the same as your competitors. Salespeople have built their own roadblocks by being so predictable. Buyers recognize their approaches and developed effective ways to deal with them. This is why  89% of Sales Conversations FAIL according to Executive Buyers, this is from a report by Sirius Decisions.    


The Momentum module pulls it all together and you’ll learn the step-by-step of how to have a conversion conversation walking your clients through the 3 agreements: 

#1 - Why Should I Change? 

#2 - Why Should I Change Now? 

#3 - Why Should I Select You?

Even with the obstacles making selling more difficult, salespeople can overcome their challenges with the right approach and one of the best ways to combat these difficulties is learning: "How to have a Conversion Conversation"


If you are going to invest time and money in training which method produces the best results? Is it instructor led,  video training or group coaching?


One by itself does not work…to master a new skill you need all 3. This is why I created  "Fusion Sales Training and Sales Training Without Walls" the most effective way to integrate these powerful processes to get results.


My goal is to provide Results Not Advice and I want you to enjoy long-term success. Each participant leaves with the Crush My Quota Planner™. It’s the only planner designed specifically for salespeople. Plus you get access to a private Facebook group where you can share and learn from a community of people just like you. This is where I bring my latest insights and encouragement to the group.


Let’s connect and change your results 


The workshop is extremely limited due to my time availability and popularity of the program

rich@resultsnotadvice.com  205. 999. 1973