How To Master 6 Areas of Personal Time Management

How much time do you have in a day? Not enough, right?

Well, personal time management is a major step that you can take, in order to improve your overall life for the better.

There are six, specific areas of personal time management that can improve anyone's life. The six areas include physical, intellectual, social, career, emotional and spiritual.

  1. The physical part involves having a healthy body, less stress and more energy.

  2. The intellectual part involves learning and other mental growth actions.

  3. The social part involves developing personal relations and being an active contributor to society.

  4. The career part involves school and work.

  5. The emotional part involves feelings, desires and manifesting them.

  6. The spiritual part involves a personal search for meaning in your life.

Each area contributes to create the whole you. If you are ignoring one area, then you are ignoring an essential piece of yourself.

Here are a few, easy steps to take when learning time management and improving your personal life:

  • Always decide which tasks are essential and which one’s are not necessary, in achieving your goals. Which activities are helping you to have a balanced life style?

  • Learn to say..."No!"

  • Celebrate and recognize yourself when you get an effective time management result.

  • Respect other people, by practicing how to... “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

  • Use the 80/20 rule. Find 2 hours a day. Close your door and turn off all the electronics. You will be amazed at how productive you will be.

  • Have a positive attitude and set yourself up for success. However, be realistic with your approach, in achieving your goals.

  • Find time in your day to be grateful and meditate.

Change your Mindset and Change your Results...

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