Become an Expert

So, you want to become an expert within your chosen field? You might be wondering how to go about it. It's really easier than you might think. You just have to believe in yourself.

First, make a goal for yourself! Then, write out a plan and stick to it. That will equal success! Now, there are certain steps that you can actually take, in order to become an actual expert. They included the following:

1. Writing articles for certain publications

2. Become an author

3. Start public speaking

4. Be a guest on a radio show

5. Discover your business niche

First, narrow your target market and demographic. This can help you to discover your niche, along with your true passions. You might have a large list, but go with your gut and experience.

Then, I would sit at your computer and simple just write without stopping to edit. You might be surprised at what flows out. You might have your very first article submission ready to be sent out to an editor. This could be your first exposure! You could even compile all your articles into book chapters. That way, you can cross off numbers one, two and five off of your list.

To accomplish numbers three and four, aim your energy at social networking. This could lead to guest appearances at conferences, conventions, pod casts, etc.

These steps can help you along your way, to becoming a true, blue expert! It can lead you down the path you have been reaching for...

When You Change Your Mindset...You Change Your Results...

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