Why We Don't Worry About Competitors

Did you know that in the sales market there are two main strategies? Have you ever heard of red ocean and blue ocean sales strategies? Well, they are very difference in style.

Red sales people have to be fiercer than blue because they compete in existing markets and beg customers for attention. They have to because it is a very slow, growing industry and market. This is more of a shark's territory and includes about 80 to 90% of salespeople. Basically, they do not focus on the clients and what they really need. They have to sell themselves and convince the client to pick them over the other salesman.

However, blue sales people take a unique approach and stand out because of it. This is a much calmer approach to take on. They are free from competition and capture new demand, which allows them to grow and increase profit. The competition is irrelevant to them and they are able to really focus on their clients. They help them to change for the better! They provide education, marketing insights and their clients say, “I didn’t know that?” This is what truly makes them trusted advisors.

So, as you look at the difference between the two, you can begin to realize that one is based on pure competition and the other on value. So, which one do you really believe will see better results at the end of the work day? Which waters would you want to dive into head first?

When You Change Your Mindset...You Change Your Results...

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