Does Anyone Use Laptops Anymore?

So, back in the day all people had were planners. They had to write things down on paper with a pencil or pen to keep track of their schedule and activities. Writing things down forces your mind to focus at the task at hand and you can find it quickly.

Now in today's age, there are so many different electronic devices that it is very hard to list every single one of them. Believe it or not, but some of them can even replace your laptop like the iPad Pro. They have calendars, organizers, notebooks, apps with timers and alarms, and the list goes on and on...

However, some things still can't replace the simpleness of a planner. Just turning the page versus having to wait for an app to load is a lot faster. In the long run, if you tested the computer and planner in a race for logging in an activity or goal the planner would actually win. It is like the cliche tortoise and hare story, which we all now and love.

So now, you see the difference between the old school and modern type planners. Which one will you choose to buy? If you still have any doubts, then maybe you should conduct a race yourself. Consider it your very own home, experiment. You might be surprised, but you can't deny the results, once you see them in black and white. It might be time to tried something old because he is so old that is can be new again, or aka retro.

When You Change Your Mindset...You Change Your Results...

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