Are You Ready for this Tech Shift?

There are many technology shifts in today's communication realm. It is almost to much to keep up with sometimes. It seems like every six months there is something brand new on the market. For example, there are new forms of mail and telephone advancements such as Skype, Join Me, Glip, VSee, Zoom, FaceTime, just to name a few...

Nowadays, conference calls don't necessarily require you to be in a conference room anymore. Mail you open with a simple click on a button or link. Even marketing tracking has become much easier with social media analytics.

Of course, all of this technology can be really fantastic! However, at the same time it might be easier to just have a pad and pen by your side. Sometimes having something old school can simplify your needs and make your information easier to find because there is no loading time required just a turn of a page.

So next time, think about that "tech shift" when you are handling a project management system. Having a presentation on Power Point has benefits when in an actual conference room, but for your own personal notes, where would you like to write them?

Having a planner to keep track of project goals, steps, deadlines and accomplishments can actually simply things for you. Plus, making a daily to-do list has never been easier! So, the next time you decide to pull out Evernote or OneNote on your phone, think again...

When You Change Your Mindset...You Change Your Results...

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