Finish Strong

So, with the end of March rapidly approaching, so are sales for the end of the first quarter. With approximately one week left to get in last minute quotas. It is crunch time!

Now, closing with average sales at the beginning of the year is good. However, closing with excellent sales is very important because it sets the tone for the remaining three quarters. With a monetary value and your attitude towards the quality of your work for the remainder of the year.

So, have you been keeping track of your own personal stats this past quarter? Have you ever kept track of your sale stats? If not, then this might be the time to consider doing it. What are your sale goals? How much do you want to improve this year? These are all fair questions to ponder over and come up with answers.

So, if you want to take the next step, then you should put it down in writing to help motivate yourself. Planning in a planner is the very thing to help you with future steps. When you write down your goals, it becomes very real, rather than just a passing thought. You can plan out step by step from larger goals. Come up with several smaller goals to accomplish and work your way up the ladder.

So, how productive are you willing to be in planning and in your career? Think about what you can accomplish Monday thru Friday (during working hours, of course).

When You Change Your Mindset...You Change Your Results...

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