Salesmen that Don’t Want to Change Things Up...

Some salesmen decide to go the old school route when it comes to sales. While others are willing to think outside the box and try a lot of new things. Some salesmen will use every trick in the book, while others have a standard MO (Method of Operations). Just think about the Red Strategy versus the Blue Strategy.

So now, that you are beginning to get the picture, let's break it down and really examine how this can truly affect sales growth and potential...

1. By using the standard overselling methods, it could actually cost you a sale.

2. If you keep on talking past the sale it could actually make you lose the sale in the end. (You should answer questions, but don't make it lead to more...)

3. Do not offer more information than is absolutely necessary. (To much information can actually turn people off. Same as a TLTR article on the Internet.)

So, as you can see, sometimes the standard techniques can actually make you flounder when what you really want to do is float or even swim. If you have a quota goal, then you might want to consider keeping track of your progress.

By simply, writing your goals down by quarter can help you actually accomplish them. Writing can actually help you to shake things up, reach your goals and force you to think outside of the box. You might actually be very surprised and ecstatic with the results!

When You Change Your Mindset...You Change Your Results...

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