Rich Grehalva Speaker


If you have a business or a sales oriented audience and you're looking to bring in a dynamic and inspiring “Motivational Speaker” who will be a “Motivation Teacher” that will Inspire, Ignite, Inform and Engage your group, plus challenge them to take action, then Richard is a good choice as he believes in delivering “Results Not Advice.”

He has helped business leaders, teams and individuals around the world set and exceed their goals, to transform their lives. 
He is renowned for his ability to inspire others to take risks and out-perform expectations. 
A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership and experiential learning,
Also, he incorporates the teaching philosophy of his father Greywolf, a Native American elder and teacher into his programs.
To maintain his competitive spirit, he is a winning amateur racecar driver and sometimes includes his live video feeds from the track to illustrate his points in motivational speaking programs.

Ignite  – Give Richard the opening keynote and kick off your conference with an explosive start.


Inspire  – Have him as your closing speaker and send your teams out ready and committed to taking decisive actions.


Inform  -  Richard can lead a half-day or full day workshop and give them the tools to excel.


No matter what you select Richard to do, your conference will be more successful and your people will thank you, You will look good for bringing him in!


TEDx Talk

Rich Grehalva – an author, marketer and business development strategist who draws often on his Native American heritage – discussed why America needs to change its view of aging and embrace the wisdom of the elders. 

There will be a huge "knowledge gap" for many businesses and non-profits in the United States, as millions of Baby Boomers  who are turning 65 by the thousands each day continue to retire, according to Grehalva

These Boomers are the elders to whom young people can turn for wisdom, according to Grehalva. "We can change from being an elderly culture to an elder culture," he said. Meaning that culture can become one that appreciates age and experience.

"His unique, and captivating stories can only be told by him and no one else." 

Rich has been positively impacting his audiences with his message of inspiring personal achievement.

However, Grehalva said, that this transformation won't be easy because, as a culture, "we have lost our way" and continue to worship youth.

Marketing tells old people to "wash away the gray," Grehalva says. "I don't want to wash this gray away. I earned it just like my wisdom." 

Young people should be taught to appreciate and seek out elders, according to Grehalva. However, the young "think that information is king, but it's not," he said. 

There is plenty of information available on the Internet, but "knowledge and wisdom come from experience," Grehalva said. 

He said, he was grateful for what he learned from his father and for the letters and other writings his dad left behind. He encouraged other elders to share their wisdom. "Mentor the young ones," he said. "Share your skills and knowledge." 

-Jesse Chambers/