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I help B2B sales managers and VP’s who are tired of missing quota and are ready to turn this trend around by increasing sales productivity to meet their numbers.



Learn How "People Buy" and "You’ll Win More Sales"



Learn How "People Are Motivated" and "You’ll Accomplish Your Goals"



Learn How To "Change Your Mindset" and "You’ll Change Your Results"

What is causing the REAL reason for missing sales quota? 

The salesperson's inability to articulate value, in other words, they lack the skills to have a "Client Conversion Conversation"

89% of sales conversations fail according to executive buyers.

75% of salespeople are not viewed as a trusted advisor.

80% of salespeople focus too much on their services

 It’s not “Why People Buy”...It’s “How People Decide to Change” 

People buy from other people. They don’t buy from Businesses. What you Really sell is NOT a service or product. It is "Change".


Bottom Line: People do not like to change and this results in 60% of clients making no decisions.


Worse yet is salespeople are not trained to understand the science behind decision-making called the Status Quo Bias.


It takes getting "3 Agreements" from a client to get a sale, not one. This is why you are losing sales you should've won.


By understanding how people decide using the P2P selling approach is getting your clients to first agree "why should I change?", understand "why should I change now?" and then "why should I select you?". It is learning: "How to have a Conversion Conversation"

Selling has Changed

In sales, quota attainment is the only thing that matters. Salespeople, managers, leaders and even CEO’s are measured on it. Yet the statistics reveal over 50% of your sales team will miss it. While many struggles, others are winning So: What is the secret of beating your number? Introducing the “Crush My Quota Sales Training” the 4-step end-to-end sales system.

Step 1 - Mindset

The Shift - 66% of B2B sales job is predicted to decline by 2020 according to Forrester Research. Buyers want to deal with subject matter experts (SMEs), and this role is expected to grow in demand. SME salespeople must learn to be adding compelling and measurable business value to succeed.




The Challenge - B2B salespeople need to elevate their skills to survive. You need to become business and industry-specific experts. Businesses are now requiring their sales teams to transform into really becoming a ‘trusted advisor,’ not just a title on a business card if they are to add any actual value to clients.






Close the Gap - The essential software for your sales success is your mindset, and if you ignore it, then you will run into the “rubber-band” effect. What stops you from applying the new skills you learn, is your mindset. Your mind snaps back into its original shape, just like a stretched rubber band does when you release one end. If you don’t first embrace mindset training, then any skills you learn are doomed to fail.










Discover the processes of How to Change your Mindset to Change your Results!













Step 2 - Motivation

The Shift - Guess what? Your prospects believe they are currently doing something to solve their problems and meet their business goals before meeting you. 70.2% of buyers wait until they have a clear understanding of their needs before involving a salesperson. Why? 68.1% of the time buyers said all sellers start to look alike, so they don’t make a decision.


The Challenge - In my book “Salespeople Are Like Taco’s” I asked the question what’s the difference between a taco, taquito and an enchilada? The answer is the price and the presentation. Salespeople focus on trying to sell clients on why they are different from their competition is just like saying I’m a taco and they are like enchiladas. This is why the number 1 reason salespeople miss quota is their ability to articulate their value.


Close the Gap - No matter what product or service you think you are selling…you are wrong. What you really are selling is “Change.” Think about it. You are asking them to change from one company to another or to do something they’ve never done before. Here’s the thing people don’t like change. This means understanding how to defeat the status quo bias of doing nothing. It means understanding what drives people to change and the steps people go through for making decisions and incorporate this into your client conversion conversations.


The Experts Are Wrong selling benefits is NOT how buyers are Motivated to Buy learn What Does.


Step 3 - Momentum

The Shift - 77% of buyers want salespeople to help them learn something new because they are looking to achieve their outcomes. Buyers are much more knowledgeable about their problem before ever meeting with you. This makes it even more critical to understand what the buyer is looking for to move them to change.



The Challenge - 74% of buyers want salespeople to move their meeting to discuss what the buyer wants to talk about. According to buyers, 80% of salespeople focus too much on the product, and only 22% understand the buyer’s issues of where they can help. They are focused on the presentation not in having a conversation.





Close the Gap - The experts are wrong it doesn’t take one, yes to close a sale. It takes 3. It is having a client conversion conversation. First by getting clients to recognize “it’s time to make a change” without getting confirmation from your client to make a change there is no reason to move forward. Second is to get your client to “take action now” without a sense of urgency there is no reason to move forward. The third is to show your client the path that you are the right choice to get them the outcome they seek, and without getting all three yes’s, there is no reason for your client to move forward.




Win more when you uncover the steps of having a Client Conversion Conversation.




Step 4 – Mentor

The Shift - There is no shift as business leaders want their sales manager and VP’s to focus on results such as revenues, market share, and growth rates. “Forecast accuracy” is an oxymoron. It is the leadership metric used to manage the expectations of board members, investors, industry analysts, and employees. 



The Challenge - Salespeople require leadership and coaching to release their full potential. People cannot be managed; they must be led. Sales quota cannot be managed, productivity can. No other productivity investment improves performance better than sales coaching, in some companies, by as much as 25 percent. Sales training is needed yet 84% is lost within 90 days of the training without reinforcement. 


Close the Gap - High performing sales teams focus on what matters and what they can control. It means managing the right activities and coaching the related behaviours (leading indicators) that lead to the desired results (lagging indicators). The secrets of salespeople who beat their quota is not really a secret. They have personal goals, know their numbers and have a daily plan. Coaching is a leadership skill getting salespeople to focus on the activities and behaviours that lead to the desired results for themselves and the company.-





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The Rules For Selling Have Changed

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The 3 Agreements Needed for Sales Success 

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Meet Richard Grehalva

 Rich is a successful CEO who transformed his experiences to become a multi-talented entrepreneur, a master of sales, marketing, business development and leadership. 


He's an industry leader (in personal and professional development), a certified master NLP practitioner, the creator of the Crush My Quota Planner, and a certified trainer for Accelerated Behavior Change (ABC), which empowers professional and organizational outcomes.



What People Are Saying About Rich's Book
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“Rich was hired by our organization as a consultant with a focus on our Marketing Department. Within our first meeting, I knew the wealth of knowledge and experience I had with Rich. A natural leader, Rich stepped right in and helped implement key metrics that really got our team facing in the right direction. With his 'Out of the Box' ideas, Rich really helped us re- brand our companies and create an industry changing program that will be launching soon! With everything, Rich brings to the table I would undoubtedly recommend him for any consulting needs. He has made me a better leader, manager, and overall person and I value the relationship that we now have. 

Thanks, Rich!”

-James Hull COO Unity Group

Rich is a master at planning, leading, and facilitating transformative workshops on leadership development and interpersonal skills development. In addition to his extensive background in business, he has a rare gift for connecting with people and teaching and sharing his knowledge in a highly effective manner. Rich is a consummate coach, workshop leader, and a man of the utmost integrity; I give him my highest recommendation.

Frank Manfre

Dental CAD/CAM & Implants - Business Consultant

Hello Rich Grehalva,

It was wonderful to get to connect with you, I recently read your book on Consultative Selling, it was amazing, for the first time I felt like I was reading a book which I have been expecting, the way you came up with the practical content rather than just theory based. 

I can say now that its one of the best ever sales book I ever read, thanks for writing it.

Will look forward to more such books from you and more guidance and knowledge on marketing and sales.

Thanks Bharath