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Richard Grehalva


Not many people understand business, sales, marketing, and human potential at Richard's level. He is a TEDx speaker, son of Greywolf, a Native American elder and teacher, and has published four business and personal development books.


Richard’s book Unleashing the Power of Consultative Selling is a required textbook at a graduate school of management.


He has converged his experiences as a CEO, consultant, trainer, coach, mastermind leader, and leading personal development workshops in this program.


He can uncover the core problem and provide a solution meeting the desired result for his clients. He will help you and your team to gain the confidence and skills to consistently meet your goals.


Richard's core courses and approach will not be found anywhere else because his solutions were developed by someone who has seen the challenges from the same viewpoint as you.

Rich is a Certified NLP practitioner, Certified Accelerated Behavior Change trainer, Certified Leader emeritus ManKind Project, and Board member of the ManKind Project.   

P2P Leadership 

Early in my career, I knew to be successful in leadership, I needed to focus on people. Leadership is not managing resources or meeting with clients it is people communicating with people.


 Over the nearly four decades of moving from manager to CEO, I spent my time not just in transactional leadership, which was vital I devoted my time learning and applying leading-edge skills by learning and applying transformational leadership.

I've taken my experiences and shared them as a published author of multiple books and on different stages as a speaker, including TEDx.

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Global Experience

One of my goals was to visit and conduct. business globally. I've been blessed to have visited 30 countries during my time as a VP/GM and as a Global Senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.


I was given an opportunity to work with different people, cultures, and languages and this afforded me a rare opportunity to understand people and business from different perspectives.

Transformation Experience

I was on top of my game in business, yet I was empty emotionally. It was then that I began my journey in my own personal development.


After working on myself, I spent over 30 years leading over 85 personal development weekend retreats as a certified leader for the ManKind project.

I also use ancient wisdom taught by my dad Greywolf and other elders I've met in my coaching and training. I'm a member of Shiishongna Tongva Nation - Corona Band Of Gabrielino Indians.


My book "Facing The Crossroads of a Man's Life" is about my experiences leading these transformational retreats. 

To further my knowledge, I'm a certified NLP practitioner, a certified trainer for Accelerated Behavior Change, a Compression Planning Facilitator, and a board member of the ManKind Project, a not-for-profit organization.



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Moving Out Of The Comfort Zone

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One of my goals was to learn how to drive a race car. I decided to move out of my comfort zone and not just learn to drive a race car but to build one and compete on race tracks around the SouthEast.

It was a real test of my mindset to do something channeling and potentially dangerous.I took away many lessons from racing that applies to business and life.


Family is a core source of support and my cheering squad. I've been married for 39 years and the proud father of a daughter, two sons, and three grandsons.

Originally from California and now live in Birmingham, Al

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